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Naomi Ononaku (27/11/2017 14:02:55)
I miss this school so much and the teachers as well! I'm honestly very thankful for everyone all the amazing friends that i've made in this school and i'll never forget it.
Koby M (24/11/2017 13:40:55)
I miss the school so much
Eleanor (17/11/2017 22:29:56)
OMG i miss this school so much it was a pleasure to go to school here
Lola Charles (13/09/2017 19:26:29)
I really miss school, I love it at my new school but I will never forget eyres monsell it was an amazing school and I'm so sad I left but I am sure everyone will move on. I miss you miss Reilly xxx
Corey B (14/07/2017 21:41:50)
I can't believe my time at e.m.p.s has come to an end. I wish everyone a great time without the year 6 of 2017. Good luck everyone!
Heather Cashman (14/07/2017 20:21:32)
I am so sad that i had to leave thank you to all of the teachers for supporting me in everything xx i will miss you loadss xx
Heather Cashman (14/07/2017 16:58:47)
I am upset that it was my last day today i want to say thank you for all the support from the teachers, especially Miss Reilly, Mrs Seiger, Crick and Mrs Hill.This school is truly amazing and has gave me more opportunities. I love all my friends i have made her xx thank you
Jessica litha (13/07/2017 21:11:56)
It was our leaving assembly and I couldn't help but cry. I will miss year 6
Naomi Ononaku (08/05/2017 21:03:29)
Wow, I never knew being a digital leader was so fun but the best part is letting people know about online safety. I can't wait to host an assembly with the other digital leaders and to make people more confident online!
Renayah Mcgregor (25/04/2017 21:58:34)
I am loving it in year 6 and i'm pleased that I am the new Digital Leader x
nikitadyer (05/04/2017 17:55:15)
I think that think smart is helping me in class and in my work. Lots of my best friends are in my group.
Georgina dyer (18/03/2017 16:00:20)
This school is very good and amazing it is better than Rolleston i would love to go there aging
nikita (29/01/2017 11:47:44)
I love being at eyres Monsell primary school miss Reillys personal education is the best but so is positive people.
kacey (26/01/2017 18:22:43)
This school is the best school ever Mrs. Reilly is the best teacher ever x
Tyarna (10/12/2016 18:00:50)
I love being at Eyres Monsell Primary School it is one of my favorite places to be and without this school, I wouldn't have all the friends I have now its sad I have to go the September coming but i will never forget Eyres Monsell. Miss Reilly is another reason I love this school Miss Reilly may be strict but i know and i hope everyone knows that she is just preparing us for the future.Tyarna xxx
Ashton Bakewell (09/12/2016 08:26:10)
I really love year 6 and my best subject is maths
nikita (06/12/2016 14:31:14)
Mr Ward's PE is the best.
Goran (04/12/2016 23:32:16)
I loved it in year 6 I will still miss it
Goran (04/12/2016 23:29:38)
I liked year 6 a lot.
Goran (04/12/2016 23:21:59)
I loved year 6 I do really miss it
Munashe Mugoro (26/11/2016 22:04:08)
I'm sad that I left this school because I've had the best times here and I'm going to miss you all.
nikita (13/11/2016 16:09:05)
Year 6 is the best and I want to go Condover hall again because it is so good!
Corey Beatty (05/11/2016 09:25:07)
Year 6 is great but I must say I am missing Miss Reilly. Get well soon Miss Reilly.
Corey Shepherd (31/10/2016 20:09:13)
The movie night was fun I loved Hotel Transilvania.
Naomi Ononaku (24/10/2016 07:38:12)
I am very happy to be in this school. I just came 3 or 4 weeks ago and I'm already fitting into Year 6
Lola Charles (12/10/2016 16:54:49)
I love this classroom it is well organised and I am so excited fto learn about America
Lola Charles (12/10/2016 16:47:05)
I really love Miss Reilly's class it is so fun I can't wait to learn about America next year
nRenayah McGregor (10/10/2016 20:18:41)
Hi it's Renayah and i am loving it in year 6. I love having all the TA's in my class and especially Mrs Reilly
Georgina dyer (07/10/2015 18:13:41)
I loved it when we did bike ability, it was so much fun I did level 1 and level 2. It was the best day of my life.